The White House Kitchen Garden

In 2016, I was chosen to join a team of UVA Architecture students for a project on the make-over of the White House Kitchen Garden, led by Michelle Obama. My involvement is described by a report that was written for the Center of Cultural Landscapes at the University of Virginia:

“The team also prepared a short report with illustrated diagrams documenting the history of food cultivation and kitchen gardens at the White House and the evolution of White House gardening through various administrations. Anna Cai, a 2016 graduate of the architecture program, researched and wrote the report, advised by Denckla Cobb and Meyer.

From a pedagogical point of view, this was an incredible opportunity for our students to understand the cultural and social connotations of what they design and build,” Meyer said. “It was a very good lesson in appreciating the power of ideas behind design projects.”

Center for Cultural Landscapes at UVA