Morija Arts Centre

I began working at the Morija Arts Centre in 2018 as student of textile art. At the time, the centre was comprised of 2 full-time artists and a few occasional visiting makers who sold crafts in the small gallery shop. Before long, and with the help of a team of fellow passionate artists, I built a brand around what is now a well-known hub of art & learning in Lesotho.

Major Achievements

Over twelve months, we gained 200 local members, a team of 9 artist-volunteers in charge of operations, and 18 artists whose studios and practice take place in our facilities. I co-founded the Tiny Gallery Concert Lesotho series, our Art Reach art education program, and the Art Slam which has now spread to other parts of the country.

Day to day, I manage the Marketing operations of the centre while training 2 local artists in social media & marketing skills. I offer volunteers training and support on grant-writing and fundraising practices. From 2018-2019 , I raised a total of $10,800 for art education, performance art and visual arts programming that the centre offers.

Communication Design

A marker of our success over the year is our consistent online presence. Below are fragments of our visual brand. I have been training one artist-volunteer in social media & marketing and another artist-volunteer in graphic design to maintain a brand that reflects our community: playful, welcoming & filled with joy.

Web Design
Video Advertisements

Below are examples of video advertisements we designed for our concert series, Tiny Gallery Concert Lesotho. We collaborated with a team of young videographers from the Hub in creating video recordings of major performances from the series. For the full archive, click here.